Sagrisa App

Corporative App

Project Description

Sagrisa App has been developed to optimize the sales process, this app is based in POS system. the app let the sales person take orders through a mobile device from everywhere. This app has been implemented in Central America.

The app has improved every single process in the sales area, this let to the company increase the sales and reduce the time that take to process an order. - Erick Rivas - CTO at Sagrisa

The application works in conjunction with a major Microsoft's ERP which is Microsoft Dynamics GP and it doesn't only let the user take orders, the users can:

  • Check the inventory for every product.
  • Check their sales amount up to date.
  • Monitoring sales goals.
  • Manage accounts receivable:
    • See customer balances,
    • See the due date for an invoice,
    • Set reminder for a due date,
  • etc.


  • Date26 May 2014
  • TagsWeb, Android